Teaching Truth; Transforming Lives
Teaching Truth; Transforming Lives

I Love My Church Because....

I know that God's word is being taught all the time and our Pastor and fellow members are dedicated and loving people with a passion to share the Word with others.


I Love My Church Because....

the people are so loving! Its a wonderful environment for kids!


I Love My Church Because....

the "truth" is always preached. Thanks so much, keep it coming.... God bless you all!


I Love My Church Because....

From the moment Janie and I walked through the doors it felt like home to us. The people and atmosphere was contrary to everything we imagined. The people were so friendly not in an overwhelming way, rather in a caring, concerned way. Each week we attended it was apparent that God was the focus of this Church. The "concern" from the members and staff was of our Salvation, the growth of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the last several years so many of the people have taught, encouraged, served, and inspired us, not for their Glory, but for the Glory of Jesus Christ. We thank you all, for you are the body of Christ, his local Church, Christian Tabernacle Church and we love you!

 Lou and Jane Pisapia

I Love My Church Because....

It has such a family atmosphere!


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Service Times

Sunday Morning

   6:30 - Prayer and breakfast

   9:30 - Children's program

   (Pre K to 5th grade)

   9:30 - Adult Sunday School

 10:30 - Coffee Time

 11:00 - Worship Celebration

   (Nursery Provided)

What Some Have to Say:

"I would like to express how thankful I am for my church family.  God has truly used Christian Tabernacle in my life.  I appreciate the life-changing teaching from the Word of God and the encouragement I've received.  You really know you are in a family when someone stops by with your favorite ice cream, or cares enough to make sure your birthday is noticed, or texts you during the day to let you know they are praying for you.

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A Legacy:



"I am part of the legacy of this ministry.  I'm so thankful for what was built into my life during my time at Christian Tabernacle and I'm paying it forward by investing in the lives of others!


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