Teaching Truth; Transforming Lives
Teaching Truth; Transforming Lives

Mission Statement:

The children's ministry at Christian Tabernacle exists to teach children the Word of God with the purpose of encouraging each child to discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and experience continued growth.

We believe in FUN WITH A PURPOSE!

We are so excited to announce the addition of a middle school class to our 9:30 Sunday school hour! The teacher is Dr. Jen Hurd and she is having a blast with a simple science curriculum that is hands on fun while making a relevant Bible Point!




Parents must complete a registration card that will be kept on file for each child.

• Each week parents will be asked to complete a "quick registration card" to make sure they can be reached if necessary. This will also provide an opportunity to express any concerns about their child(ren).

• Please have children use the bathroom facilities before coming to the program.

• Armbands or name tags must be shown to retrieve children from the program area.

• Please be prompt picking up you child(ren) following church programs.

• Parents are responsible for picking up all of their child's belongings. Items that are left will be placed in a lost/found bin in the coat room. 




• If your child has any allergies to food or items that might be used for crafts, please list them on the registration sheet.

• Also check the supply lists that are posted the bulletin board to ensure that none of your child's allergens will be included in the snack.

• If your child has an Epi-pen, you will be required to bring that each week. 



Parent Notification

Please keep your cell phone turned on (vibrate or silent in the church service) during your child's stay at The Kid's Place. This is how you will be notified if your child becomes ill, injured, or misbehaves during the program.



Rules of Conduct



The following list of five rules are to be used as a guideline for training children to behave in a Godly manner.

 1. Obey the teacher. 

 2. Listen.

 3. Don't talk when others are speaking.

 4. Always be kind and safe.

 5. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, will result in the child being removed from class, and the parents will be notified.


Preventative Discipline

Leaders will provide your child with a caring, safe atmosphere by reviewing the rules each week, focusing on positive behaviors and attitudes, and will use consistency and fairness when dealing with every child.



Corrective Discipline

Leaders will follow these steps to correct disruptive and disobedient behaviors or attitudes:

 1. Remind the child of the rules and redirect attention to the positive.

 2. Explain why a behavior or attitude is unacceptable (include a warning).

 3. Remove misbehaving child to a "time out" area for a designated time.

4. If the behavior persists, page/call the parents using the quick registration number.

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